Recent News

Enhanced File Transfer Protocol:

Sep 2006 - CapstoneBlack enhances the FTP protocol to better support online storage. Read more here.


Cobar 3 Release announced:

Mar 2006 - Cobarô 3 to be released in early Q2 and will include Cobar Backupô to provide a complete backup solution for SME and home users. Read more about Cobar here.

Other news

CB-Data wholesale storage products announced:

Mar 2006 - CapstoneBlack released details of its online storage product range aimed at the service provider and reseller market.
Read more about CapstoneBlack storage products here.

CapstoneBlack, ActewAGL and TransACT sign online storage deal:

Feb 2006 - ActewAGL and Transact sign deal with CapstoneBlack to provide secure online storage solution to customers.
Read full article.


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