The mission of CapstoneBlack is to deliver high quality products and services to our customers. Our products aim to exceed our customer's expectations in terms of quality, ease of use, functionality and affordability. Our services aim to be held in the highest regard due to our professionalism and our ability to deliver result.


Established in Canberra, Australia's Capital, and inspired by the catastrophic Canberra bush-fires of January 2003, CapstoneBlack aims to ensure that our customers have all the tools required to safely and securely store their valuable data remote from their homes or businesses.

Doing Business

CapstoneBlack's customer list includes many government departments, major companies, telcos and service providers.





Quality, reliability and innovation are the key drivers in our business and we strive to ensure absolute satisfaction. Our research and development team is constantly reviewing and devising new technologies and methods with a view to enabling our customers to enjoy a more effective, and even pleasant, IT experience.


Recognising that our people are critical to our success, at CapstoneBlack we have sought out only the highest skilled and most professional personnel. Our team consists of experienced Engineers, developers, testers and technical writers. The competencies, skills and training of our people ensure that we are able to maintain a leading edge in a demanding and complex marketplace.


If you are highly respected by your peers and have a proven track record of delivering successful outcomes, please contact us.  We are constantly expanding our team of engineering, software and management professionals.

We expect you to enjoy your CapstoneBlack experience so much that you come back again. If you have any comments or requests about our products or services, please contact us.

Martin Jolley
General Manager


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