CB-Data Wholesale Storage Products

CapstoneBlack has developed a range of online storage solutions that, when coupled with the Cobar™ suite of products, provides a complete product solution to service providers and reseller.

The following products are currently offered:

  • CB-Data Standard is a very competitively priced storage solution aimed at resale to the general consumer market. It features RAID backed storage on a 3Gbps Internet backbone and available in plan sizes from 2Gbyte to 100Gbyte.

    Please refer to the CB-Data Standard product brochure for full details.
  • CB-Data Business (coming soon) extends the features of CB-Data™ Standard by adding additional archiving and support features to meet the need of small to medium sized businesses. More details will be available soon.

These products have been designed to provide a high quality storage solution and very competitive rates to provide a complete solution enabling service providers to simply and quickly extend their product offerings in this rapidly expanding market. The CB-Data™ storage products are available bundled with the Cobar™ range of products such as Cobar Backup and Cobar Explorer.

Further information about these products can be obtained from the following resources:

Please contact our sales team for further information.


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