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Cobar™ - Secure Online Data Storage

The Cobar™ suite of products allow small businesses and home users to protect themselves from disasters such as theft, fire, flood and earthquake by securely storing valuable information in online storage facilities.

Cobar™ has been designed and developed from the ground up to provide normal people with a facility that they can use to protect themselves:

  • Its ease-of-use has to be seen to be believed - you will be using it straight away.
  • It hides the complexities of accessing online storage facilities behind a familiar Explorer-syle interface that allows you to simply drag and drop your important files.
  • It protects your important information while ensuring that it remains private.   Your information is protected by strong encryption before it leaves your computer so that you can be assured that it remains private.
  • It is priced to ensure that everyone can afford to protect their valuable information.

We have developed some more detailed documents that describe how the Cobar™ product suite can help you, they are available here: white-papers.

CapstoneBlack has licensing agreements with a growing list of Service Providers. The Service Providers are able to bundle or resell Cobar™ Free and Cobar™ (standard) products with their online storage offerings. The Service Provider versions of the Cobar™ products have been tailored to the Service Providers facilities and simplify getting you started. If your Service Provider is yet to offer a Cobar™ package, please ask them to contact us.

CapstoneBlack also offers Cobar™ Pro via its resellers and direct to customers. Cobar™ Pro is an enhanced version of the Service Provider products and allows you to access an unlimited number of storage facilities - you are free to choose the best services for you.

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Cobar™ Free go

This is a free Service Provider version of Cobar™ that is limited to small storage spaces and does not have any automatic upload capability. Cobar Free allows subscribers to securely store and retrieve data from their existing allocated storage spaces (10-20Mb included in most standard ISP packages) and is aimed at those within minimal storage requirements and as a painless introduction to the Cobar benefits.

Cobar™ go

This is the standard Service Provider version of Cobar that  permits the use of large storage spaces and provides improved functionality over Cobar Free.

Cobar™ Pro go

Cobar™ Pro is the extended version of Cobar.™ Cobar™ Pro is ideal for Small Business and Power users that require the added capabilities and flexibility provided. In addition to all the functionality of the other Cobar™ versions, Cobar™ Pro unleashes the full potential of online storage by enabling you  to use multiple online storage facilities - you are no longer tied to a single Service Provider.

Cobar™ Pro is only available from CapstoneBlack authorised resellers.



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