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Cobar Backup™ - coming in March 2006 !

Cobar™ Backup provides the home user and small business owner with a simple, secure and cost effective solution to protect valuable information against disasters.   Cobar™ Backup painlessly ensures that your important information is protected whilst ensuring that it remains private.

Cobar™ Backup is in the final stages of production and is planned for release in Jan-Feb 2006.   Here is a sample of some of the features that you will have:

  • Fully automatic set-and-forget solution to your offsite backup  needs
  • Securely backup your files to your online storage provider even when you are not logged on
  • Strong encryption to ensure that only you can 'read' your files
  • Simple, wizard driven interface to get your started quickly
  • Backup Intelligence to provide you with a true backup solution that ensures that your important files are always safe
  • Keep multiple previous versions of backed-up files online
  • Drag and drop files to the intelligent drop-zone for adhoc backup of important files
  • Full timezone and daylight savings time support so that your storage can be anywhere in the world
  • Windows Explorer integration
  • Encrypt now / backup later support
  • Fully compatible with other Cobar ™products
  • Built in data compression to save you time and money
  • A cost effective solution to the offsite dilemma faced by small business owners and home users
  • Proxy server support


More details will be published here soon.   If you would like to know more about Cobar™ Backup, please contact us.


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